Unleashing of potential

Our vision is that you can rediscover your energy, your unique path and and your love for life. Go to your core to access your potential, your creativity, your intuition, your desires and your happiness. Get clarity on important decisions in your life. Be consciously You.

How do we do this? 

By authentic coaching through which your energy starts flowing in ways you didn’t know were possible, by asking the questions that you find hard to ask yourself, and by going beyond the obstacles that are holding you back from realizing your highest potential. You’ll move beyond the mental resistance, take conscious action, move closer to the power of your emotional side and experience the world from a deeper being.

Our vision

Being conscious

What does "being conscious" mean?

Being fully present in the here and now. Not being distracted by worries from the past or plans for the future. Fully being conscious of your being.  A reflective state in which you can observe your thoughts, emotions, senses and experiences. When you are fully conscious in the moment, you can return to feelings that are already in you, such as joy, love, peace, liveliness and alertness. 

Why is this important?

Stress, fears, negative patterns, doubt, agitation, irritation, panic, prejudice and many other negative symptoms show us that we are not connected with our core self. The first step to get clarity on this, is by looking consciously at yourself. Observing yourself is a skill, this is the reason why monks practice this their entire life. Not everyone needs to live like a monk, we can use consciousness in our daily activities to reconnect with our core self. Have a look at children, they do this naturally.

How do support you in this?

By letting you experience it. Through exercises and tools, we let you experience where you blockages are and how to get to a state of conscious being. As process facilitators, we will share our observations so you can do the work. Our role is supporting you, so you learn to observe your own process during the program. Most of our exercises are inspired by spiritual practices and insights of monks who have dedicated their lives to it. In this conscious process, we will also connect to your deeper personal layers that arise throughout the program. 

What does "being alive and present" mean? 

Enjoying life. Not just “wanting more” from the ego, which results in stress and worry. Full of motivation, happiness and energy, which comes from your “core potential”. This is strongly related to “being conscious”, because it’s in this moment that you’re living. You can feel this love for life when you experience peace and joy in what you’re doing in the moment. It’s present in each moment, but when we can’t feel it anymore, we go searching for it in alternatives such as adrenaline activities like parachuting. That is a short term solution, we are here to remind you of that which is already inside of you.

Why is this important?

Life can pass us by. Low energy can manifest itself in sadness, frustration, depression, burn-out or other consequences which you can avoid if you learn to deal with it in time. Reconnecting with our inner potential gives us a deeper meaning and can help to revive our creativity. Every person has a deeper reason of being, reviving your love for life will give you natural energy. To bring back your flow, it is important to master the skills of becoming conscious of yourself.

How do we support you in this?

During the program, you learn to work with your energy. Emotion is Energy in Motion. Every person has a need for  release and movement in their emotions. We create a safe space in which you can experience this through physical components, emotional triggers, mental reflections and spiritual connection. During the exercises, you learn to observe your own energy and what is blocking you from bringing it into motion. At the end you will feel the space that has opened up within yourself. You rediscover what you really want and what gives you energy. 

Love for life


Putting insights and knowledge into practice

It is a skill to consciously develop yourself. There are different ways to put insights into integrated practice in your life. Our discovery is that practicing is not the same as a change such as a morning routine with sitting meditation. Life exists of different dimensions, that’s why we need a mix that gets everything flowing. 

There are four dimensions: Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. The mental brain creates thoughts, brings us our rational understanding and our analysis of situations. Our physical body is necessary for action and puts what we’re doing into motion. Within ourselves, we experience emotions. These feelings are reactions to stimuli around us. The spiritual dimension entails our search for ourself, what we believe and what connects us to a bigger whole. When we are looking closer at our way of being, it is guaranteed that some dimensions are more strongly present than others. Practicing is about putting this into motion. 


Our program puts these different dimensions into motion. Every exercise combines these dimensions and reflects back to you. An example of a mix could be a very physical exercise that releases a lot of emotion at the same time. Or an exercise can start mentally but then go to a deeper observation within yourself. Exercises with spiritual elements might for example bring up resistance for some. 


Our role as facilitators is to take away the distraction and create aa space where the full focus is on your being. This way, we make the skill “unleash your potential” easier so you can integrate this in your regular life. Every person has to find their own unique mix in life, we offer a program that makes it tangible, gives you clarity and in which you can experience the effects.  


Resistance means that you cannot accept what is. You are resisting motion, change or flow in your life. You hold onto your current circumstances because of the triggers that are intertwined with them. Resistance creates blockages, which lead to negative energy and painful symptoms. 

How do I recognize resistance?

  • Frustration or irritation towards other people or situations 

  • The feeling you don’t need anyone 

  • Holding onto securities in your life that don’t feel the same anymore 

  • Others trigger you

  • Denial of the situation like it is

  • Being overwhelmed by emotional or physical pain 

  • Making assumptions about the whole story 

  • Comparing to other people and experiences 

  • Letting fear for expected discomfort dominate 

  • Fear for the unknown is holding you back from taking action 

  • Rationalizing a situation with mental arguments 

  • The feeling of “I have to” dominates because of expectations you set for yourself 

  • Guilt feeling about decisions you make 

  • Justifying a decision or situation you’re in 

  • Comparing to the past or expectations you set for the future 

  • Increased fatigue creates laziness and passivity 

  • Holding onto rules

  • The feeling of lack (money, love, …)

  • Fighting against the situation like it is

Where am I in my consciousness?

Recognize yourself on the spectrum between resistance and acceptance


Seeing the situation like it is. Creating space within yourself for rest and a feeling of joy. Consciously looking at situations that happen to you and how you react to them. Acceptance is the skill to simply be who you really are. 

How do I recognize acceptance?

  • Clarity in your thoughts

  • Feeling of alertness 

  • Physical pain releases and disappears

  • Vibrant energy and enthusiasm

  • The feeling you can laugh with the situation

  • Creative inspiration flows easily

  • Your life feels a lot more simple

  • You experience peace within yourself 

  • Other people with a lot of authenticity are attracted and appear in your life 

  • It’s easier to express what you really want 

  • Obstacles turn into opportunities

  • A higher purpose for your life arises 

  • Compassion towards others 

  • Easier to be generous to others 

  • More connected to others and your environment

  • Your intuition is very present

  • Trust in yourself and others 

  • A feeling of playfulness arises 

  • Your gratitude is much more present

  • Easier to treat yourself and others with more love 

  • More courage and trust to take decisions 

Do you recognize some of the resistance characteristics?

If you recognize one of these forms of resistance, know that you are not alone. Every resistance that you recognize is an indication that you are deviating from your own path. What once started as a protection mechanism, is now holding you back. Going inward means consciously dealing with these parts of yourself, to move towards acceptance. 


Our program will contain all four dimensions, brought together in unique experiences, walking conversations, observations, mirroring sessions, visualization exercises and different other methods that contribute to conscious growth.

If you’re interested, register yourself for our next coaching program. It’s possible to request a free intake conversation so you can feel whether we are a good fit for you. If you want to experience a shorter profound process, you can also choose for one of our retreats, where we combine the four dimensions in nature. 

Would you like more information?

What is our offer?

Follow your own path
group coaching program

There are so many ways we can notice we’re deviating from our own path. On this journey you will explore who you really are, you will start doing what you want to do and unleash your fullest potential

Experience the tools of every topic which you will be able to use for the rest of your life through the power of the cycle. You can choose between individual or group coaching program. It always simply starts with a free, non-binding conversation.


Retreats in nature with personal development

Take a moment to distance yourself from everything and to focus on yourself. Every retreat is organized at a place in nature and is built in a way that you can fully immerse in the experience. Insights will be shared based on experience.

This is traveling with intention and with the space for who you are and what you need. 

Give your year
more intention

With the year intention planner you create the year you want. With this online workshop, you can change and plan the direction of your next 12 months in half a day.


About Unleashing of Potential

By now, Unleashing of Potential has grown to be a warm community of likeminded souls who are committed to their inner adventure. Walking your own path is an adventure going inward that requires a lot of attention, rediscovering your reason for being and your deepest desires. For every coachee, workshop or retreat participant, this journey started with an intention to connect with themselves. Once the decision was made, a unique process began. We are so proud of the network of unique individuals that are putting their potential into the world, transcending themselves, each in their own way. 



Starting Unleashing of Potential was a process, inspired by lots of encounters and experiences throughout the world. Joris Van Doorslaer once started the wild idea to bring likeminded people together to do something that would transcend themselves. By now, the team has grown with people we encountered along the way. Our focus on conscious personal development and feeling alive originated from traveling and gaining insights around the world. During 4 years, Joris traveled the world with the nonprofit Up with People. After that, he decided to add another journey with a focus on shaping the Unleashing of Potential program. Joris has been facilitating workshops for more than 15 years and has developed hundreds of workshops throughout these years. During the last years, the focus has been on core personal development topics for us as humans. A program that allows you to access and realize your core potential, was born. 



This unique program was inspired by a diversity of places in the world and different types of participants. From international groups to world known companies such as Google. From schools in a Native American Reservation to youth detention centers in Mexico. To simply workshops in people’s living rooms. Every setting gave a unique twist. In the meantime, the focus is the development of your own path, the patterns that live in your core, finding your inner compass and realizing your potential. During the coaching process, we combine different ways of practicing self development and we anchor it with powerful insights. Every experience that we create, combines several dimensions (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) within a safe space where you can truly be yourself. 


The birth of Unleashing of Potential was the 15th of april 2018. This is when we moved from occasionally providing workshops to a complete coaching program. In that moment, it seemed best to give up everything (job, home and friends closeby) to go out into the world with full freedom to search for the insights that would strengthen our program. In February 2019, we returned to Ghent with the goal to offer the Unleashing of Potential program here with occasional projects abroad. Adventure, creativity and collaborations with others across the world are all in the DNA of our program. 


There are different ways we offer our program: our Cycle coaching program (individual or in group), experience workshops, retreats with adventurous elements (e.g. Nepal, Sweden, …), news letter with insights, guest speaker about our knowledge and insights, YouTube videos with insights, men circles and projects we start with others. Through our news letter, Facebook and Instagram, you can stay updated on our events and latest updates.



For some events we are asked, if you are interested, please don’t hesitate writing us a message. The core of our business is personal development of your core and we always do this in an interactive way that invites you to practice and experience insights. The location can be as diverse as your living room, your organization or company, a festival or any other beautiful idea. We let collaborations guide us.

Joris van Doorslaer

Founder, Life explorer, Experience developer & Insight facilitator
Call +32491242989

Founder of Unleashing of Potential, he has been developing experience workshops for more than 15 years and is a certified coach. He traveled the world for 4 years with the nonprofit Up with People where he led the educational program and later became responsible for the whole organization as cast manager. 



During the years before founding Unleashing of Potential, Joris worked at Google, where he led a skill acceleration program in Belgium. In that same year, he launched the organization “Plus One: Unleashing Potential” with Sanne to create a network of people open to inspiring ideas.



Joris launched Unleashing of Potential to fully focus on starting a movement of people who consciously connect with themselves, follow their own path and realize their creative potential. His lifestyle ijn levensstijl is focused on inner growth, deep connection, inspiration and adventure. 


A priority for Joris is to create a safe and trustful environment for every event to ensure that unique, creative experiences happen naturally. Unique about Joris‘ way of coaching is his authentic way of asking the questions that matter, emotional bodywork, clarifying constellations and visualizations.

Tineke Maes

Family constellations and core team member Community De Oase

Co-facilitator in the Unleashing of Potential Cycle coaching program. Tineke embodies the emotional and spiritual part that we need to step into our truth. For years, she has facilitated constellations. She has a background in family counceling. Next to that, she has developed herself in different ways such as therapy, bodywork, meditation, shamanism, personal development trainings, massage, nature medicine, breathing, spiritual healing and satsang. 



She is co-host of Community De Oase in Nieuwland, a beautiful place in nature where people can find time and space for themselves. Tons of workshops take place at De Oase. Regularly, Tineke facilitates sweat lodge ceremonies. 

Janne Van Doorslaer

Adventurer, organized structurer and creative community builder 


Janne is an (inner) adventurer in heart and soul. She has traveled to 40 countries in the world, worked in different continents and has a mission to always find deeper connection with herself, others and nature. You can regularly find her hiking and camping in the mountains or woods, on a yoga mat or in a personal development book or training.  


As a work and organizational psychologist she has been pouring herself into understanding the personal and professional development process of people for more than 7 years. Janne is a certified coach and trainer, and facilitates individuals and teams in organizations to fully develop their potential. 

Within Unleashing of Potential, Janne supports behind the scenes in organizing retreats, weekends and programs and helps launching new concepts. She is responsible for the operational side of the business and the communications within the Unleashing of Potential community

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